Sunday, December 1, 2013

Countdown to Christmas! +Free Printables

Since today is the first of December, that means Christmas is only 24 days away!
I decided to have a countdown to Christmas 'calendar/checklist/countdown'
I have created two copies, a fiversadventures one and a customizable one.

Below is the Fiver's Adventures Christmas Checklist!
Click the image below and save it to your computer to print.

You guys can get a pretty good look at what I'll be posting next by this countdown checklist. Check my blog (almost) everyday until Christmas for guidance on this countdown! There is no special order that I will be completing these. Lastly, have fun with anything on the list, many are open for interpretation!

 Below is the Customizable Christmas Checklist!
Option A: Click the image above and save it to your computer to print. Then you can write on it and customize it to your preferences.

Option B: Click the image above and save it to your computer. Then visit Pic Monkey* and select 'Edit a Photo'. Upload the image and then on the right side you will see a button that looks like Tt. This is text, the rest is self explanatory. Type in the activities you plan to do each day and save (the button in at the top of the screen) it to your computer. Finally print and your done!

*Pic Monkey is an free online photo editor, but some features are 'royale' which cost money! These are normally marked with a crown, but it's ok to click on it, but  a box will come up asking you to upgrade.

I designed the countdown without numbers so that there is no specific order that you must complete each activity! You can always add numbers if you like! I hope that you enjoy this!
Also, I did create this with Pic Monkey, I've been recently loving the site.

Better safe than sorry:
Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by this company nor was I paid to make this post.  I am not affiliated or associated with this company. This is my own opinion about this company.

Please share your creations with me!
Just use the #fiversadventures on your pins or tweets :)

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