Sunday, August 25, 2013

Easy Lotion Bars

Let's jump right into this tutorial today!
First, lotion bars (aka solid lotion) are more common in the Etsy and DIY world rather than in stores.
They are literally bars of moisture for your skin. If you think about it, it is like a brick of lip balm for your skin! By the warmth of your hands you melt the ingredients and rub it onto your skin.
It can also be poured into a tube and just glided across the surface of your skin, too.

I'm casting my lotion bars in cleaned yogurt cups today. Remember NO WATER can come in contact with any of the ingredients. Water does not emulsify with oils and can cause bacteria to grow.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Strawberry&Peach Crumble

I finally got around to making another post! Thanks for your patience!
This is one of my favorite crumble recipes.

about 15 medium sized strawberries
(fresh, not frozen)
1 peach
1 TBSP of cornstarch
1 TBSP white sugar
a pinch of salt

2 TBSP of cold butter
1/8 C + 3 TBSP flour
1/4 C oatmeal (split into 2 portions)
2 TBSP packed brown sugar